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If it doesn’t match, it’s made to match – the individual FreiLacke coating systems

The quality requirements in the construction industry are as different as the materials used. So it’s reassuring to know that customers can rely on FreiLacke. This is because our whole range of surface solutions is used in construction – day after day. FreiLacke coating systems boast exceptional durability, ongoing protection and excellent handling properties. For this reason, they have been used successfully – and gladly – for many years in different areas of construction.

The spectrum of applications ranges from robust coatings for steel structures or formwork units through to the aesthetic structuring of facades, doors, gates and letterbox installations.

Application example steel constructions

Anwendungsbeispiel Industrielacke: Gebäude

Powder Coatings

One of the most modern types of coatings for all different requirements Polyester Powder GSB- and Qualicoat approved.

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Electrodeposition coatings

High-quality e-coats for coating conductive substrates.

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Liquid coatings – water-based dipping primers

Fit-for-purpose and competitively priced „allaround coatings“

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Application examples constructions

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