System coatings

System coatings

Various coating systems, one look

The word “system” refers to the functional entity created from several interconnected components. Today, this term can be applied to a variety of products and services. Again and again, the main challenge is to ensure that all components are coordinated to each other to such a degree that the result is an optimal, comprehensive and qualitatively unique solution.

We at FreiLacke have been meeting this challenge with great success for more than 90 years.

Traditionally, we develop and produce all coating systems under one roof. Therefore, we do not merely provide you with all the important coating technologies, but also tailor them to your individual needs with regard to coating composition and optics.

The advantages:

Advantages of System coatings

FreiLacke supplies all coatings from a single source

FreiLacke provides a central point of contact

FreiLacke supports and takes care of customers all over the world

Multi-layer coatings

Different coatings are combined to create a multi-layer coating structure.

Anwendungsbeispiel vertikale Systemlacke

Light metal

1 of 4

Base coat (Powder coating)

2 of 4

Base coat (Industrial coating)

3 of 4

Top coat / varnish (Industrial or powder coating)

4 of 4
Anwendungsbeispiel horizontale Systemlacke

Powder coating

1 of 2

Industrial coating

2 of 2

Horizontale Systemlacke für ein harmonisches Gesamtbild

Different coatings are used to coat different components. When these components are mounted next to one other, the whole thing has to look as if it had been cast from a single mould.

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Systemlacke von hervorragender Qualität liefert Freilacke an Kunden in aller Welt. Diese profitieren nicht nur von den perfekt aufeinander abgestimmten Komponenten, sondern auch von einem breiten Servicenetzwerk an Ansprechpartnern und intensiver Projektbetreuung bis zur optimalen Lösung Ihrer Anforderungen.

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